See the World

Written & performed by Emery Major, Caraa, Benny Levs

//Verse// Let's go far away to an island's misty shore, 'neath a purple moon we can fall in love some more. Take my heart away, wash it in the way you move, bringing you near me close gonna see the world with you.

//Chorus// Ooh-oo-oh say to me that you're thinking the same thing too. On the beach breaking our taboos, taste the ocean air as I breathe in you-ooh- say to me that you're thinkin' the same thing too. Salty skin, sharing our tattoos, bags are packed seeing the world with you-ooh-ooh

See the world with you...

//Verse// These apartment walls creep closer every day. Wanna take you there but I can't afford a plane... so turn the light out, I see it in the way you smile, let's escape our little world for a while. 

//Chorus// Ooh-oo-oh say to me that you're thinking the same thing too. Between the sheets breaking out taboos, taste the city air as I breathe in you. Ooh-oo-ooh say to me that you're feeling the same way too. Across the streets and the avenues, staying in tonight seeing the world with you. 

//Bridge// Let's get away, let's get away, let's get away (ooh say to me)...

Get awayyyyyyyyyy (and so forth)

//Outro// Ooh-oo-ooh say to me that you're thinking the same thing too... Ooh-oo-ooh say to me that you're feeling the same way too...

      See the world with you.

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//Verse// Baby it's upside down and I'm sorry for calling, but I don't know how I'm supposed to keep on walking.

They say the very thing that makes you will be the very thing that breaks you, and I've been hiding all my thoughts too... that you might have made me.

Life is passing by... I've taken many roads to get here. But I don't know why you're always in my rear view mirror now...

//Pre Chorus// Pushing the pedal down, my world is spinning out trying to escape from you.

//Chorus// But these warning signs keep calling out to me. And I've tried so hard to move on past your street. But these warning signs are not leaving, making me blue... cuz of these warning signs... I keep on turning back to you.



Feel Like a Kid

//Verse// I feel like a kid today. Like my body doesn't have weight. Scared of looks that I'm gettin' on the subway, a gust of wind nearly blows me away... I feel like a kid today.


Just wanna stay in and cry. Play video games 'till I die. Shadows shaking as I move down the sidewalk, thinkin' probably I'll get mugged on the next block, yeah, I feel like a kid today...

//Chorus// But then I see your face and I think about how I just ran away. I was just a kid when I met you and I fell in the first place. These city lights haven't found a way to forgive my mistakes. I was just a kid when I met you and I fell in the first place... and I feel like a kid today.

Woah-oh-oh-oh (and I feel like a kid today)

//Verse// A survival guide might be nice. A time machine back to 1995. Tell myself to be careful with your love, and there's nothing I should be afraid of.


//Bridge// Don't stop me waiting around just killing time, finding out just who I wanna be. Erase the thought of you from my old mind, growing up is slowly killing me...

//Chorus// - but starts out all cool and soft and builds up.
Kinda fun. 

//Cute Outro with piano//


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//Verse// I'm trying to find the right words to say to you but I can't seem to work out the best way to convey what I'd like to say so I'll just sing

//Chorus// Ba-doo, ba-da-doo, ba-doo, badoo-doo-doo-doo

(probably should have named the song 'Ba-Doo', but alas...
here we are)

//Verse// I think that I maybe might really like you and I wanna do many things with you by my side but I know that you don't so I'll just sing

//Chorus x2//

//Bridge// I might want to say things like I love you, yes, let's have some kids, let's take a trip to Spain, I... want to see things through your own eyes, tell you all the things that I don't confide, you make my soul want to sing out


Cute trumpet solo, amiright?

//Verse// So shoot me a text, I would love to hear from you... we could hang out! We could make tiramisu, us on my couch we could kiss....


Or... just sing ba-doo

//Chorus x4// - suddenly there's a billion of my closest friends singing at you and that mean's we're totally gonna make this happen cuz that's how 90's Disney Channel told me it would work

//Cute Outro with friends laughing and such//